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You will improve your singing technique and learn to sing with a healthy and confident voice!

  • Created for choir and solo singers
  • Physical exercises for singers
  • Mindful singing practice
  • Exercise library with exercises for voice, body, and mind

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What our users think

Accessible and challenging at the same time. It feels like I can really 'build up' my voice with my whole body.

Marijn - choir singer

After 3 months of training with Vocalise, my voice has improved in many ways.

Thank you for creating the Vocalise app!

Vocalise takes you by the hand… almost addictive!"

Lennart - tenor 70+

Susanne - choir singer

Oda – professional mezzo soprano and singing teacher


Loving the exercises!

Now I can't imagine singing without Vocalise!

It is a great tool!

Vocalise you can trust!

Free and healthy singing starts in the body

Vocalise uses guided audio and video instruction to strengthen the connection between your vocal instrument and the physical aspects of a free voice and healthy singing. It’s a full-body approach rooted in classical singing technique and the very latest research in sports science.

Take the guesswork out of practicing at home

Research-based training designed by professionals

Structured routines, detailed exercises, and accompanied lessons make it easy to know exactly what to practice to advance your vocal technique. And with detailed audio and visual explainers, you’ll strengthen the connection between the voice and body to reduce the risk of vocal problems that can set you back and lower your confidence. With Vocalise, practicing at home is easier, more effective, and enjoyable.

Vocalise combines the expertise of classical singing teachers and leading European physiotherapists studying vocal health and supported singing. Blending research-led insights and the artistic approaches of dedicated voice coaches, this training program is designed to cultivate healthy vocal habits that will enhance your singing voice.


Accompanied vocal exercises

Science-led approach

User-friendly design

Updated regularly

Develop the right mindset for practicing on your own

Expand the expressive possibilities of your singing voice

Vocalise develops a Mindset for Practicing by giving you the knowledge and techniques you need to identify and overcome vocal challenges on your own. You’ll also learn to be kind to yourself and celebrate progress. By making the learning journey a rewarding experience, Vocalise increases your motivation to practice singing at home.

Vocalise is designed to help you become a more independent vocalist. That means troubleshooting problems on your own and practicing more efficiently at home. It also means the freedom to grow in new directions and expand the expressive possibilities of your singing voice.

Start your training towards Healthy Singing

Combining classical voice coaching with physical strength-training for singers, your training begins with techniques to improve breathing, focus, posture, and body awareness. This will enhance your range, stamina, and the core dynamics of your singing voice, like volume and resonance. Step-by-step, you’ll learn to connect each element of a supported singing voice. Above all, Free and Healthy Singing will boost your confidence in rehearsals and performance.


Discounted subscriptions are available for singing groups of all kinds. Vocalise is the ideal solution for singing groups. Choir conductors can rely on Vocalise to help keep their singers in shape.

Get a reduced price for your group by contacting Vocalise directly.


Packages available for choirs, schools, and professional groups

Or email contact@vocalise.app

Katja - choir conductor


You feel disciplined and motivated.

I highly recommend the app Vocalise, it calls for regularity in singing exercises.


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Practice towards a healthy and confident voice!

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* Price may vary depending on location

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Esther von Schoenberg

Creator and CEO of Vocalise, professional soprano, singing teacher, choir leader and voice enthusiast!

Ullrika Aasa

Björn Aasa

Pontus Bertling

Associate professor & researcher in physiotherapy at Umeå University

Internationally acclaimed physiotherapist & lecturer at Luleå University

Composer, arranger, music teacher & conductor

Jonas Olsson


Customer-focused engineer specializing in building innovative products and businesses. Loves to sing!

Johanna Ternström


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